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Zero Waste Is Our Aim

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Last week on my weekly FROG dump run I felt like I had the biggest win- yep the dump isn't exactly the usual place to feel extreme feelings of joy and elation, but being the FROG lady I operate from a slightly different perspective, so bare with me.

You see each week after we've packed the FROG boxes we do what we can to minimise waste.
I drop all our cardboard off to the council recycling depot at the dump.
We collect all our soft plastics- not only do we get the usual plastic bags but the pallet that a lot of our veg are delivered on also comes wrapped in plastic to keep it all together so as you can imagine that's a whole lot of clingwrap to dispose of...fortunately we now have the awesome RedCycle intiative who collect this plastic to turn it into things like heavy duty plastic furniture- how cool is that!
I know I look strange walking into the supermarket where the RedCycle bins are located lugging a massive armload of plastic - usually with kid in tow doing the same thing... in fact I've been abused for it once which made my head spin a bit- never thought I could get told off by some random stranger for recycling, but there you have it!
We don't get many produce scraps as all our produce is always so fresh that nothing has perished, but the small amount of food scraps like the outer leaves of cauliflowers get gifted to someone with chooks, or composted...even our potato sacks get collected and re-purposed!
So with all of that effort it doesn't leave much other waste except for one thing.... the elephant in the room you could say.

Our styrofoam boxes.

As much as we re-use them for as long as we possibly can, they don't live forever and do eventually reach the end of their life span. In the past I've tried to re-home them as best I can- I'm sure there are many gardens with an ex- FROG box full of herbs growing in them. But up until now any broken boxes ended up in landfill which was heartbreaking given the effort we put in to ensure FROG creates the least amount of waste possible. Plus styrofoam is 100% recyclable and terrible for landfill.

That was until the council recycling depot started collecting styrofoam to be recycled!
Best. News. Ever!!!! I literally did a hop, jump, skip AND a happy dance in the middle of the depot when I was given the news.
It turns out Styrofoam is used in the building and construction industry and so there are great advantages to recycling and re-using it... music to my ears!

It feels wonderful not only being able to contribute to peoples health by providing nutirtious food, free of chemicals and pesticides, but also knowing that as a small business we are minimizing our froggy footprint on our planet. Its a win- win and something I'm so proud to be able to achieve.

Maybe our planet does have a bright future after all- it's just up to all of us to make the extra effort to do our part.

♥ Celine

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