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You'll thank me when you're older

Sometimes you watch or read something that really hits a chord within.... when you learn something new, you can't un-know it... suddenly that knowledge becomes a part of you and it starts shaping the way you react to life. This can be said for my journey into why I choose to eat organic food. At first [...]

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I love you, eat your broccoli

It all starts as a Mother To Be- eating for two. Immediately we’re thrown into the deep end, having to make positive food choices for our developing baby. Saying goodbye to soft cheese and wine was hard. But I foolishly thought that in 9 months time things would get easier... boy was I wrong.Sure the first few months [...]

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Have you caught the fermenting bug yet?

Sauerkraut- There's something about that tangy jar of veggie goodness that just gets me excited... If you haven't caught the bug yet, let me tell you about my experiences.Now I'm no naturopath, or health expert at all. If I had to label myself I would use words such as 'health aware', 'self taught' and 'body [...]

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Sometimes you've just gotta do what you gotta do!

Time away from FROG doesn't occur very often, so with the Easter break looming I had visions of reading a few good books, going to the beach with the kids and doing a bit of catch up cooking for the lunchboxes that are bound to need filling sooner than expected. But as it happens, my [...]

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