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This information is being updated regularly so please check in weekly to make sure you have all the latest info. We also ask everyone to join our facebook group The FROG Community as we are using this for quick updates on important information. 




Urangan end and out to Toogoom- $11

(sorry we can't do Booral or Riverheads as not enough interest)

For rural areas on the outskirts of Hervey Bay that are in the vicinity of the Hervey Bay- Maryborough Road we can deliver for $15

We can now also arrange delivery to Howard but please contact us first to confirm.


Areas in central Marybrough, Tinana, Granville on the city side of the highway-(think built up areas) $11

Rural areas of Tinana and outskirts of Maryborough such as Oakhurst and Maryborough West $15.

We are all new to this whole delivery game so please bare with us! (We are definitely not courier drivers!)

If you live outside of our delivery area but would still like a box, you are welcome to nominate one of our collection points as your shipping address (please note these will still incur the $11 delivery fee): (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE THE SHIPPING ADDRESS IN YOUR ORDER!)

223 Albert Street, Maryborough

3 Bell Street, Bell Hilltop

2 Harrison Circuit, Urangan




As we try and keep up with the best way for FROG to operate under the current situation, we have now closed our free collection points for the time-being, and all orders will need to be delivered until further notice. 

The cost of delivery starts from $10 + GST ($11) which covers the cost of having to outsource the delivery (Good news is we have created jobs for 4 new people with deliveries only!). 

As many of you haven't had your box delivered before please check the delivery address is correct when placing the order (its also in the email confirmation you receive once order is placed). We don't want to drop the box off at a house you lived in 3 years ago for instance!!!

If living out of town we'd really appreciate it if you could organise a delivery address at a friends place or business in town and pick it up from there yourself. With so many orders to co-ordinate, every bit you can do to help would be a blessing to us!

If you live out of town and don't have an alternative delivery address we can drop to, you can choose one of the existing pickup points to use. Please ensure you change this address in the shipping details when placing your order. There still will be the $11 delivery charge as we still have to pay someone to drop off there. 

When placing your order, you'll get to choose your preferred delivery day at checkout. Whilst we'll do everything we can to accommodate your needs, we can't guarantee you'll get your first choice. Delivery days are based on the amount of orders we get, which we will then split/group to be as efficient as possible and it might change weekly. 
You will now be notified by email,  not SMS on Monday as to which day your order will be delivered- so please look out for this email.
We will also publish a list of first names on our Facebook group (The FROG Community) with this info. Last week lots of text messages went astray so we're trying to get this info out to you all using other methods that will hopefully be more fail-safe! 

To ensure safety and cleanliness, we will no longer be leaving our boxes behind on deliveries, so please leave out an esky/washing basket/cardboard box or any other suitable container you have at your front door ready for us to transfer your order into. We will be providing a knock and drop service only (no more chit chat for now unfortunately!!!). If you require us to text you when the order has been dropped off please let us know in comments at checkout. 

Please ensure all payments are made before end of day Monday with your ORDER NUMBER as reference.

Thank you so much for helping with all of this. I understand that delivery is not everyone's preferred method, but for now we just need to do what is required to get through this as best as possible.

This week will no doubt be a bit more challenging for us to navigate given such big changes, but hopefully we'll get it right and you'll be able to enjoy your box without a hitch!

♥ The FROG Team!




With so much going on at the moment, we have been in-undated with orders. Whilst we hate to turn anyone away, we need to ensure our existing customers don't miss out on their regular box, so unfortunately we can only take on a limited amount of new customers each week.

Here are some changes we are making until things settle down...(because they will!)


  • We are supplying existing FROG customers first. We want to ensure that those who have always supported us and value what we're about don't loose access to their regular food supply. Once the bulk of orders have been placed, we'll open to new customers if we can fit them in. If you have placed an order with us in the past, you are welcome to order now. To be on the wait list create an account on our website and we will text you during the weekend to let you know if we have space.
  • We now have set order times- 3pm FRIDAY to 3pm SUNDAY. So you have 48 hours to get your order in, which should be plenty of time considering how everything else in life has been cancelled LOL. You may not get a reminder text as I'm still trying to get a weekend in, so set an alarm on your phone if you tend to forget. By placing our large produce order on Sunday night we have more chance of accessing items that may otherwise be out of stock due to the increase in demand if we were to order the following day, so this should hopefully ensure a more consistent supply. The FROG website will be locked off until FRIDAY 3pm so that we can wait to get the most up-to-date produce availability and prices.
  • There is a $50 minimum order to ensure we pack as much per order as we can. If you can stock up and do a larger fortnightly order that will help others who may otherwise miss out- so please think of others if you only need a few bits and pieces. All of our produce is super fresh so most things will easily last a fortnight if stored correctly.
  •  Any unavailable items will be highlighted in orange on your tag and a credit will be added to your account- this gets deducted off your next order. Whilst we hope supply won't be interrupted, we're not only dealing with increased demand but also the change of seasons is always super tricky as summer crops finish and winter crops start- so supply often fluctuates anyway.




On behalf of the FROG team we would like to firstly, thank you for choosing to support our small business (we'd give you a hug, but alas, those are currently banned!), and also re-assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure you receive your box each week- we have a great support network and are confident in our abilities to keep on FROGging!. 

We understand that some of our customers already have compromised immune systems and regardless of this, we want you to all feel confident in the food you receive in your box. So we are doing all we can to make sure food is handled and transported as safely as possible, with lots of hand sanitiser, increased hand washing, using gloves and definitely no sickness in the packing shed!!!

Due to a high increase in demand for our boxes (once again you guys totally rock!!!), we have had to make a few adjustments to keep things ticking along as efficiently as possible.

Due to the limited space we have to pack the boxes in (our big shed suddenly feels very small!) we have temporarily raised the minimum spend value to $50 per order. This ensures that every inch of space available to us is filled with as many fruit and veg as possible. We are confident in the freshness of our food and urge those of you who usually spend a little less, to stock up and order fortnightly if possible, or halve a box with a friend. If payment is difficult for you please contact Celine directly. We don't want anyone to miss out, and will do what we can to help.

As much as we are all for reducing plastic, we have made the hard decision to temporarily line our boxes with plastic bags (sorry Mother Nature!), in order to keep them as safe and clean as possible. These can be recycled at any Coles or Woolworths supermarket using the Redcycle bins out the front.

Out of respect for fellow customers and also the houses we use as pick up points, we ask that you don't collect your box if you are unwell. Ask a family member or a friend to collect for you, or select the delivery option and we will leave your box on your doorstep (let us know in comments that you are sick so we can call you when we are outside). If you are unwell we will place the items of your styrofoam box into a cardboard box when at the door- please dispose of this box).

Also, if at all possible, please bring some bags with you on collection day and leave your empty box at the pick up point, rather than bringing it home with you. This ensures our boxes stay clean. If you do bring your box home with you, please leave the liner in the box and store it well out of the way of foot traffic to ensure it stays as clean as possible for the next use. 

When placing an order feel free to relay any info via the comments section at checkout- that way your comments will make it on the delivery list for our driver to see.

Thank you so much for doing your bit to keep one another safe, its a team effort- we really appreciate your support!

Wishing you peace, kindness and calm in this temporarily turbulent time. 














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