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A FROG with no footprint

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Running a waste-free business is something that's really important to me... after all, whats the point of offering amazing fruit and veg that has been grown in harmony with the earth, if it's not supplied in a sustainable manner!

I feel like our froggy footprint is pretty small. We recycle pre-loved styrofoam boxes that are given to us from other local businesses- once they land in frog-land they receive their FROG spray-paint and from there, their lives are transformed into hardworking FROG boxes... I sometimes wonder how old some of the boxes we use are, and how many homes and adventures they've had... by adding a sheet of paper to the boxes, this keeps them clean, and allows for them to extend their working lives. If only boxes could talk- I wonder what they'd say!

We get A LOT of cardboard boxes each week with our delivery, so after the FROG boxes are packed its off to the recycling centre we go.

One thing that I find harder to deal with is plastic. 

Unfortunately we need to use plastic bags for some of our produce- I can't imagine what it would be like picking three hundred baby spinach leaves out of a frog box.... and as everything is moist, paper bags just don't cut it, so sadly, I've had to succumb to some plastic. 

Some of the produce from our wholesaler also comes wrapped in plastic and up until now we have had to dump it- that is, until one of our team made an amazing discovery last week... Outside of Coles at Pialba Place is now a large recycling station- with a container that recycles plastic packaging! Halleluja, problem solved! Guess where we'll be going each week- for once I'm actually proud to support what a supermarket is doing!

Another thing I feel contributes to this planet, is our pick up point system... it allows for everyone to fit a FROG pick up in with their day, and limits needless trips... you pick up when it suits you. By locating them at a few central spots, I'm hoping that it keeps life simple for everyone and limits needless travel emissions. 

Going green can be so much fun too. There are so many awesome products we can use at home that help reduce the amount of plastic we use. I'm always on the look-out for new things, and the range of eco-friendly living products is always growing at FROG.

Recently I met Ana who is making the most beautiful beeswax wraps- you can use them to wrap lunches, leftovers, basically anything you might need to use clingwrap for. The designs are so funky that they make clingwrap look boring, and they come in a range of sizes... plus being all natural you'll be safe from all the harmful toxins that clingwrap leaches into food. I love that they are locally made by people that care about the environment and our bodies. It's a winner for me.

Another thing we use almost daily in our house are our stainless steel straws. When you think about 'one-use' products it seems ridiculous that we would use a straw to drink from a cup and then just throw it away. Something that has always stuck with me, is when I learnt that every piece of plastic ever made will always be there- it will NEVER go away. Makes you think, doesn't it? So hooray for guilt-less stainless steel straws and happy kids!

And here's a new thing you may not have considered before- switching to bamboo toothbrushes. If you think about all the toothbrushes you will use in your life-time, that's a whole lot of plastic that we could be avoiding. Plus the feel of the wood in your mouth is a hundred times more pleasant than plastic, now that'll give you something to smile about. :-) 

But I guess if I had to pick the one item that I could never live without, and which goes with me everywhere, well that would have to be my stainless steel drink bottle.

I shudder when I see people with plastic bottles- sure sometimes they are handy, but if water's your thing (and it should be!!), then investing in a good quality stainless steel bottle should be at the top of your priority list. Not only will it save the planet but it may just save you... just in case you've been hiding under a rock and haven't had it drummed into you already... when plastic bottles are left in the car and the water inside is allowed to heat up, the plastic releases BPA into the water. I won't get all scientific on you, but in a nut-shell, that sh*t is bad, bad, BAD and can cause Cancer. Yes B.A.D- Please don't do it.

So go on, do your bit, help us keep this planet going for the generations following behind... you'll be healthier for it, plus it'll make you feel good, I promise!

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