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    Go with the Flow of Nature - Eat Seasonally!

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    Go with the Flow of Nature

    Why should we eat with the seasons?

    1. Maximum nutrition

    Eating foods as close to harvest as possible means they have maximum nutritional content. All fruit and vegetables start losing nutrients once they are harvested. Foods that are out of season have usually been in cold storage for a long time, or shipped from another country.

    2. Better Taste

    Buying seasonally means your fruit and vegetables are fresher and taste better. Even more so when you have to wait all year for your favourite fruit to be in season - you can enjoy them so much more when you've had to wait so long for them!

    3. Better Value

    When produce is in season, it is at its peak supply, which means the price usually comes down. Buying things out of season means you are also paying for transport and storage costs, so the price of the product is higher.

    4. Better for the environment

    Transporting fruit and vegetables from all over the world is fighting against nature. The cost to the environment is huge - transport, refrigeration and irradiation treatment is wasteful of our precious world resources. If we all refused fresh food that has been shipped from the other side of the world, demand for those products would decline and our environment would be much better off.

    5. Supports your body’s needs

    Support your body's needs by giving it what it needs at the time it needs it - go with the flow of nature!. For example, right now Citrus season is upon us, but so is the Cold and Flu season! Citrus is a great way to get much needed Vitamin C and antioxidants, just what our immune system needs.

    6. Supports local farmers

    Buying in season makes it easier to buy locally and support your community. You can buy exactly what your local farmers are growing as they always grow what is in season.

    At FROG Organic Boxes all our fresh fruit and vegetables are Australian grown. FROG makes it easy to eat locally, seasonally and Organic!

    So go with the flow of nature and eat seasonally!

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