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  • Let's Create a Strong Local Economy Together

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    One thing I've heard from so many people in the community is their desire to buy local and support local businesses. Every time we spend our money, we have the opportunity to contribute to building our local economy. A strong local community full of local food producers and small businesses is a resilient community, empowered to stand up strong to whatever comes our way in the future. That's why, if we want a strong, local economy in the future, we need to support our local economy now!

    A lot of our favourite Fruit and Vegetables don't grow here on the Fraser Coast in Summer in our humid, subtropical climate! Although we are very thankful to have access to things like apples, silverbeet, green beans, carrots, broccoli, onions and white potatoes, these traditional European Veggies do not grow here in Summer. They grow in other cooler parts of Australia right now and they are delicious and fresh and we love them!

    However, if we want to eat local, we need to eat the things that grow local! That might mean expanding our tastebuds sometimes to include subtropical plants like dragonfruit, snake beans, chilli, malabar spinach, eggplant, amaranth leaves, limes and sweet potato.

    So why not challenge yourself to try something new and support a local grower!

    Local Dragonfruit
    Local Radish
    Local Amaranth Leaves
    Organic Beef Salami Sticks
    Sourdough Spelt Pasta
    Paleo Snack Bars (coconut rough, berry ripe, chocolate brownie)

    Simon and Trish
    FROG Organic Boxes 

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