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Ode to butter

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My love for butter runs deep... its a staple in our house- in fact if we run out of butter a 'butter emergency' is immediately declared... our whiteboard shopping list is taken over with huge capital letters and lots of exclamation marks- BUTTER!!!!!!!!! Must get butter ASAP. 

If the worst should happen and we do run out of butter I've noticed that we over-compensate when we next stock up- instead of four blocks, we'll get six.. the Louie house is not complete without a stack of blocks of butter in the fridge. If the roads get cut again and there's a massive buying frenzy at the shops- you'll find me in the butter isle- no milk sandwich for us!

All food tastes better with butter- if you haven't tasted warm porridge with a massive blob of butter in it you're missing out! We add it to our hot chocolates in the morning, we cook with it, drown our steamed broccoli in it, and the times we do have toast, well you'll find the bread-butter ratio is drastically reversed. Yep, its a favourite in our house! 

And then there's Marg... created only a few decades ago, and with some very clever advertising we were quickly fooled into believing that butter was evil. It just goes to show how powerful marketing can be- they managed to trick us into believing that a grey tub of toxic chemicals and hydrogenated oils with some added yellow food colouring was something that could be labeled FOOD- they even went as far as to tell us that this food-like substance was good for us, whilst butter which is made up of 2 natural ingredients (Cream and salt) was bad for us-  and we believed them- for a short while anyway!

But times are changing. The other day I was having a read of the local Observer newspaper and there in front of me were the headlines 'Butter really is better'... reading that made my day! I could almost have shed tears of joy and done a happy dance on the table- possibly even set off some fireworks in celebration- yes finally, mainstream media is catching on to what so many nutritionists and health experts have been trying to tell us, and they're yelling it from the rooftops- Don't blame the butter for what the marg did! It was never the butters fault- butter is good for your heart, good for your joints and bones- in fact its a superfood in its own right- our bodies need fat and the goodness from butter- embrace thy block of butter!!! 

If you ever invite me over for dinner, please don't offer me margarine- I hate being rude, and debating with others about their food choices is something I do my best to avoid, but marg is a different story. I heard a saying a long time ago and it's become one of my motto's that I live by- Friends don't let friends eat margarine. I'm on a mission to convert as many people as I can back to eating butter. I don't take being offered margaine in place of butter lightly. My husband knows it and will immediately give me the look of disapproval when we sees me spot the marg- he knows I'm going to freak out and get vocal, and I do. In my opinion eating marg is probably one of the worst things you can eat, and if you're my friend I want to save you from its evil powers if its the last thing I do. I'm sorry if I can't be diplomatic about it. I've tried but I just care too much. Please accept my apologies- and throw that tub of marg in the bin- I'll buy you some butter to replace it. It's my gift to you. 

Do you remember the butter conditioner? One of the best inventions ever. Whatever happened to it? I blame marg for removing it from the modern day fridge. If spread-ability is your problem, this is easily solved- there is nothing that margarine does that butter can't do. We have some special glass containers that fit a block of Westgold butter in perfectly. Living in QLD we leave it out on the bench during the cooler months, and in summertime we pop it in the fridge and just pull it out a few minutes before we need it- spread-ability is not a problem- I promise you! And should you find that the butter is too hard to spread, well count your lucky stars that this gives you the right to cut thick slices and eat extra butter- it's your only option... embrace the thick chunks melting on your toast- there is always a silver lining!

Our butter love is spreading down to our kids too. Mr J asked if they still made margaine? He couldn't believe that despite its evilness it was still in the shops- I had to give him a lesson on our next supermarket trip- we looked at the ingredients and talked about what was 'food'- he couldn't believe that people still chose to eat marg. 

Then this morning we were talking about who we were catching up with on the weekend, I was explaining to Miss A about the friends we were seeing, ones we hadn't seen in a while, trying to jog her memory I reminded her of the last time we visited them, her question was 'were they the ones that ate margarine', I burst out laughing, yes our kids are butter lovers through and through and I doubt they will ever let their friends eat margarine either. 

I even dream about butter. The other night I dreamt that I was having an altercation with a man who wasn't very friendly, we were having stern words and the worst insult I came out with was 'and I bet you eat margarine!' Yep, get 'em where it hurts! Perhaps I'm telling you too much, you don't really need to know what goes on in my head, but you've been warned, don't be mean about butter- butter is your friend, just like I'm yours- please ditch the marg and help your friends do the same.

NOTE- Any butter is better than margarine, but preferably choose organic butter that is grass-fed. In our house we can't afford to eat the quantity of organic butter that we would like, so we've found that the next best thing is the Westgold butter from Woolies. It's grass-fed butter from NZ and at only $2 a block it keeps us within budget.

Also, products like Nuttelex are still a nasty concoction of chemicals, there is no 'good' margarine option. If you need to avoid dairy then use avocado instead.

If I haven't convinced you on the 'spread-ability' factor yet, you can make your own spreadable butter by blitzing up a block of butter with 1/2 cup of good quality, non-hydrogenated oil. Voila, problem solved!

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