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Baby Steps to a Greener Planet

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Have you ever considered what would happen if we all tried a little harder?

We all live our lives according to reference points, rules we set for ourselves that are comfortable, but have you ever pondered how different things could be if we all pushed ourselves that little bit further. If we expected that little bit more of ourselves, if we allowed ourselves to be that little bit more amazing...

Whilst we kid ourselves that our new age technological advances are the best thing that could ever happen to humanity, we only need to take a few steps back to see that this Earth we live on isn’t exactly thriving.

Whilst our airwaves may be a buzz with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and whatever makes mobile phones do what they do, the soil we walk on and the air we breathe is quickly becoming polluted and inhabitable.

It’s hard to know what to do. We all know there’s a problem, and I know that from the perspective of an individual, we’d all like to change the direction our planet is headed in, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless at our perilous state.

The thing is we can make a difference, it doesn’t take much to lower your carbon footprint (even just a little), and it’s something we all need to make a conscious effort to do.

Limiting household waste is a good place to start. Start using what you buy, and stop buying what you don’t really need. Ditch plastics like your life depended on it- because it does! Plastic is the evil in this modern world- we all need to see it for what it is and start looking at other options, even if they do cost a little more.

Educate your kids. Be an example to them. Be mean if you have to, and own it like a boss. NO! I’m not buying you a disposable plastic bottle of water (that will out-live your Great Great Grand-children on this planet). NO! I’m not buying you pre-packaged food for your lunch box, when I can package it myself. NO! You don’t need that plastic toy that’s going to break in 2 days. NO! NO! NO!

Cruel you may appear. Tantrums you may endure. But without stern parents this next generation is going to live in throw away houses, wearing plastic throw-away clothes, with no future planet in sight. So it’s up to us people! We need to be the ones taking charge at Ground Zero, and we need to do it NOW!

I know I’m painting a pretty dim picture, but it’s not all that bad. Kids love looking after the Earth, and making changes around the house (however small) will all make a positive contribution to future generations. It’s time for us all to take the pledge to clean up our act. We don’t need to grow dreadlocks, ditch our shoes and live in Earth Ships to become greenies. We just need to become conscious consumers and embrace making a positive difference.

So grab your green bags, start a compost bin, put up a No Junk Mail sign and recycle everything in sight. Feel proud to pick-up that bottle or plastic bag lying on the beach. Embrace this planet we live on and let it know you care, let’s be the generation that turned things around because we simply made the effort to try a little harder.

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