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Can you feel the FROG vibe?

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Do you sometimes wonder how you got to where you are in life? How that chain of events led you to your current destination which only leaves you wondering where you are headed down the track. Often we’re not aware of where we are headed until we actually arrive and it’s not until we experience events that make us analyse our current path that we realize where we are and how different things could be.

If you follow my newsletter you’ll know that I analyze FROG and the impact it has on my life often- some may say too often! It’s either when I hit rock bottom or when I’m awash with warm fuzzies from the beauty of having it in my life that it tends to hit me in the face. Yesterday was one of those days- first came the warm fuzzies BUT then came the rock bottom so as you can imagine I’ve been almost knocked out with the realities of life!

You see yesterday was packing day and with it came the warm fuzzies from seeing all the beautiful veg arrive and the boxes lined up ready to be packed- each box representing a local household that was going to be positively impacted by the goodness FROG has to offer.

It’s been over 5 years that I have been packing boxes for FROG each Thursday- if you do the maths that’s well over 200 Thursdays in my lifetime that I have dedicated to FROG (No, I don’t think I’ve missed one packing day- which is why I sometimes need a break during the school holidays!!) Each week no matter how I feel I’m there ready to do it all over again… but I don’t do it alone, I am always joined by an amazing team of helpers… it’s always been a team effort- and without this totally awesome team and the never-ending support of my family, FROG would not be able to exist. We’ve had many different people come and help at FROG over the years and its always wonderful to see how much being involved has helped contribute to their lives too.

This was brought home yet again yesterday as one of my wonderful friends who packs for us was almost in tears (we both were) as she told me how much she valued having the chance to help at FROG each week, and how much of a contribution it was to her family. Yep, it was one of those golden moments that you hope you never forget.

Fast forward 7 hours and suddenly I was in a very different frame of mind as I was reminded of how much of a toll FROG takes on my family. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will just say that FROG is one demanding little business (I think of it as my third child) which takes up space and affects our family in ways that are not always positive. Usually I live day by day not considering the direct impacts but when you stand out from the crowd and choose to live a different life from others there are times when you can’t help but get caught up and have the realities of the situation brought to your attention. Enough said.

So it got me wondering- why are we so judged for being different?

FROG will never be a big money-making business- and it will always be a demanding third child that asks A LOT from the people who chose to be involved with it and my family, but I’m OK with that. What it lacks in monetary value it well and truly makes up in spreading positive vibes across this region.

The effects FROG has on everyone involved from those on the FROG team to the people who choose to eat from a FROG box is more positive and far-reaching than what money can ever do (OK well unless you had like heaps and heaps of money and shared it with everyone in the world and ended world famine and poverty- but you get my drift right?!). Being able to make a positive difference in the world is what we all seek out to do and it turns out that we don’t need to do massive things to actually make a difference.

Not everyone will understand the value of a FROG box … but whatever life-path others are on, I guess we need to stay focused on what is most important to us, and look beyond money as the key to success. My job may not be considered normal, my hopes and dreams may be different from the mainstream, I may eat weird healthy food and care a little too much about what my children eat, but being a part of FROG makes me realize that there are heaps of us weirdo’s out there, all making our own choices based on what feels right within us.

As long as we are making a positive contribution to our lives and the lives of others around us there is nothing greater we can do for ourselves and this planet. What contribution can you be?

I hope you kick being normal to the wayside, and dare to be different and follow your heart.

There is no wrongness in being you.

Own it!

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