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Warm Fuzzy Wednesday


I'm re-naming Wednesday, 'Warm Fuzzy Day'...

Warm fuzzies as I roll out of bed in the dark (and the cool) of the morning, knowing that I am not doing it alone - I have an amazing team doing the same thing too. Kellie, Holly, my mum Monique and my dad Jean-Paul. All resisting the need to sleep just that little bit more, knowing we have a great morning ahead of us.

Warm fuzzies as we roll up the shed door, and see all the empty boxes, lined up in rows, ready to be filled with nutritious produce.

Warm fuzzies as the deliveries arrive. Connecting with amazing local growers- filled with kindness and happiness. Knowing we are all working together as one to support our community.

Warm fuzzies as the boxes fill up, and some start to overflow.. all the colours, textures and varieties- earthy, freshness grown as nature intended, and 100% good for those who have chosen it.

Warm fuzzies as the lids go on, the boxes get loaded, one after another, into their awaiting vehicles, ready to be delivered to those that support what we do.

Warm fuzzies as the team has a laugh, a hug (so needed in this time of chaos), sometimes a piece of cake, a quick de-brief and we all say goodbye for another week. Grateful that we have been able to spend a few hours together, enjoying the process.

Warm fuzzies as I deliver, from one door to the next, connect via text to my amazing community, and share a quick hello at any opportunity. FROG is connection, and Wednesdays are when I feel it the most.

Warm fuzzies when I get home, unpack my box, knowing that many others are doing the same.

Warm fuzzies as I crash into bed again, worn out but always grateful that I have this opportunity to do what I do. It may only be Wednesday but for me its a build up that releases as hump day ends... except that its not a horrible hump, its a day filled with excitement, connection and purpose.

Warm fuzzies as I know I could never do it without YOU.
Knowing that you choose to support what I do means the world to me. We couldn't do it without a group of us all saying YES to enjoying life 'eating out of the box'.

I hope you lift the lid on your box and feel the explosion of warm fuzzies... sometimes I wonder how the lids stay on.

Grateful for you, YES I am!


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