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Your Community (Still) Needs You

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This week I read an amazing blog post which really resonated with me...

The essence of the message was to give your energy to the things you are FOR, rather than what you're against. Such simple words that can be broken down and applied to so many areas of our lives...

I have to admit it's hard not to get caught up in the turmoil of CV. You hear such frightening, negative things through the mainstream media that send shivers of fear as to the kind of world we might be headed towards. But then you also see the other side, the beautiful side of all of it- and being a small local business caught in the thick of it, the experience has been amazing!

Go back to around 2 months ago when it all seemed to hit- people flocked to their local businesses, they went the extra mile to buy local, and saw what their local communities had to offer one another. It was like our planet breathed a sigh of relief as it seemed that people had finally 'got it', got the message that a small percentage of people have been trying so hard to share for so long.
'We must support one another, we must produce our goods locally, if we want to survive this and survive this well, we need to look at what is around us, rather than looking overseas'. By looking locally at what we can do for ourselves, the ripples of positive change took affect so quickly too, less transportation, less pollution, more connection, as we went back to basics.
Did you feel it too?

It felt good, while it lasted, but sadly as the supermarkets have resumed normal operation, many people have stepped right back into their old habits, ditching the small businesses that worked so hard to look after their community in that time of need.
And so I have a question for you....

Who do you want to give your energy to? Is it to the large corporations who failed us when we needed them most? Or is it to the small businesses that rose up to lend that helping hand? When there was no hand sanitiser or toilet paper, it started showing up in unusual places (like the Beachhouse hotel for instance who were selling milk and toilet paper along with their takeaway meals) because the local businesses felt their communities need and did what they could to help. Now is not the time to forget these people, we may have dodged a bullet for now, but for how long? Who will be there for you the next time something happens? Small businesses need to know their efforts weren't in vain. They need to have the strength to rise up again, and they can't do it without your help today!

I wish everyone could take a moment to consider how they felt in that crazy time, buying from those local businesses, connecting with the owners and their staff, feeling that support, that they had your back... did it give you a renewed sense of belief in humanity? Did you appreciate their products more knowing where it came from? Did it feel good knowing that your money was going directly back into your community? If the answer to these questions is a yes, I urge you to carry on supporting them. We all managed to get a glimpse of what 'buying local' is all about, and if this created good vibes within you, imagine how much our community would thrive if we continued to shop like this into the future.

By carrying on doing those things that make you feel good, we can only create a better world and that should be our focus each and everyday- not only in times of need.

On a side note, I feel so blessed to have such an amazing community here at FROG. I feel blessed that in that time of need the connections I had with you all only grew stronger. I loved the opportunity to step up and create more goodness, to stretch my capabilities as a small business owner in ways I never thought I could. I have had more meaningful conversations with friends and strangers than I have ever had before. I loved getting those waves of excitement and feeling that driving force to expand in ways I had never thought I ever would via this little business called FROG. It certainly has been a journey, but the gratefulness and coming together we have had here at FROG has made it all so worthwhile.

Who knows that lies around the corner, but its up to us today to create the world we want to carry us into the future.

Choose to generate more good and always be a kind human!

♥ Celine

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