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    Are you sick of Price Gouging?

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    Have you been questioning the integrity of Australia’s current food system? Have you ever felt that cheap food comes at a hidden cost? Do you long to return to the good old days of wholesome local eating? A time when food was simpler, cleaner and more transparent?

    You may have heard the news recently about the big supermarkets facing scrutiny due to price hiking and taking advantage of farmers and consumers. Shopping in the big supermarkets supports a duopoly system that underpays producers, rips off consumers, and prioritises profits over quality.

    At FROG Organic Boxes we are committed to providing our customers with an alternative to the big supermarkets. We are a family-owned small business who is passionate about bringing customers easy and convenient access to Organic food. Together, we can create a more resilient and sustainable community by supporting Organic and local food growers. The Certified Organic system gives a fair price to the farmer and supports ethical and sustainable food systems.

    We are also proud to support our local growers who produce chemical-free, organically grown products. We know all of our local growers personally and love supporting the great work they are doing. We are very blessed to have local mushrooms, limes, pasture-raised eggs, lettuce (aquaponics), Sunkist microgreens and sprouts, dragon fruit, pumpkins, and Dignity farm produce.

    We offer our customers carefully selected boxes each week. In our Set Boxes we choose the best of the week’s fruit and vegetables for you. Alternatively if you prefer, you can choose exactly what you want in your own custom box. We also offer a range of Organic Groceries.

    Thanks for being part of our FROG community!

    Coles and Woolworths Duopoly

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